Available services

We diagnose and repair all Windows issues, including slow bootup, failed bootup, boot errors, defragmentation, BSOD, faulty installations.

  • Slow Computer Cleanup

  • Windows Reinstall / Refresh

  • Software Installation

  • Email Troubleshooting & Setup

  • Internet & Web Browser Repair

  • Error messages when starting software

We repair damaged laptop screens, chargers, faulty fans, and also faulty PC hardware

  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades

  • M.2 PCIE (NVME) Upgrades

  • Laptop Battery Replacement

  • Laptop Charging Problems

  • Laptop Keyboard Repair

  • Laptop Screen Replacement

  • Printer Installation / Troubleshooting

  • Slow Computer Cleanup

  • WiFi Range Issues

  • New PC Installation / Setup

We have password removal services for forgotten Windows passwords

  • Windows password removal

  • CMOS password removal

Software issues
Hardware issues
Password trouble
Cleaning packages
Virus & Malware removal

We upgrade hardware on old, slow, dated PCs, and Laptops. This makes them run efficiently, minimises costs and lets you keep your prized possession.

  • PC & Laptop Upgrades & Advice

  • Storage upgrades

  • Memory upgrades

We provide protection, scanning and removal of the following; viruses, worms, malware, trojan, rootkit, ransomware, spam, trojan horses and bots

  • Virus & Malware Removal

We offer a variety of cleaning packages for your laptop, PC or games console. This prolongs the life of the product and makes it operate more smoothly.

Data Recovery

We offer data recovery from most devices.

  • CD

  • DVD

  • USB flash drives

  • Hard drives

  • Mobile phone

We offer backup and storage advice to ensure that your data remains secure and safe.

  • Disc backup/storage

  • USB backup/storage

  • Network backup/storage

  • Onine backup/storage

  • Offline backup/storage

Backup and storage

We setup home broadband routers, Internet and networking

  • WIFI installation

  • Network cable installation

  • Access point setup

  • Wifi extenders

Internet & broadband
Remote assistance

ComputerFix offer remote assistance to anyone in the world. a minimum payment is required upfront and is refunded if the problem cannot be resolved. *A stable internet connection is required*

  • Majority of software and hardware issues fixed remotely

  • Fast, safe & secure connections

  • Guaranteed work with full refund promise